Certificate Programs in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Enhance Your Career with a QA/RA Certificate

For more detailed information on the QA/RA Certificate Programs, please click HERE.

In addition to the M.S. in QA/RA, the School of Pharmacy pioneered numerous Certificates that provide students additional opportunities to earn well-recognized credentials in key areas of the pharmaceutical industry.

Certificates are available at the pre-master’s and post-master’s levels:

  • If you have not yet received an M.S. in QA/RA or a related field, our Pre-Master’s Certificates are right for you.
  • If you already earned an M.S. in QA/RA from Temple or a comparable graduate program, you are eligible for Post-Master’s Certificates.

Because our QA/RA certificates are uniquely tailored for specialized industry disciplines, we do not accept transfer credits from other schools.

Earn a Certificate and then the M.S. in QA/RA

Students enjoy the flexibility of our certificate programs:

  • You may earn a certificate by itself
  • You may earn a certificate and then immediately enter the M.S. in QA/RA.  All certificate credits will count towards the M.S. in QA/RA
  • You may earn a certificate, take a maximum of 5 years off, and then return to complete our M.S. in QA/RA and have all of the certificate credits count
  • After you receive the M.S. in QA/RA, you are welcome to pursue additional Post-Master's Certificates to increase your knowledge of new areas of the industry

Each QA/RA certificate has different requirements.  We suggest you read all of the Certificate Programs before deciding which one to pursue.  Most students pursuing a pre-master's certificate will select Drug Development, since it covers the basic tenets of the industry and also covers most of the required course for the M.S. in QA/RA. 

There are different application procedures for the M.S. in QA/RA and the certificates.  You will not receive a certificate until you formally apply for one and notify the QA/RA Office that you have finished the requirements.

Only one certificate can be earned before completion of the M.S. in QA/RA.  Multiple certificates may be earned at the post-master's level.

For more detailed information on the QA/RA Certificate Programs, please click HERE.